Discernment and Wisdom Allow Us to Prosper in Spite of

spring 2012 065In Honor of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.

Image“`No weapon formed against me shall prosper.  It won’t work.`”  ((Swiss advertisement campaign against AIDS en route to Mariastein, spiritual cloister, offensive to black women))ImageImage“‘No weapon formed against me shall prosper, it won’t work.`” Gospel artist, Fred Hammond.

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Things that make me go “Aaaahhhhhh!”

LuxuryLuxury that melts into your skinSole Mediterranean Body Gel(pure luxury) Found this product in Italy.  This hair pommade, Uncle Funky’s Daughter is luxury to my afro(rain or shine).The Scriptures and Ritual Cleansing (Paradise)LUSH Sultana of Soap and Fabulous Hammam Body Lotion from Italy……….

Salad of lettuce, green beans, tomatoes, cottage cheese, linseed oil, lemon juice, herbamare spice, soya sauce and Chinese green tea.Our dog, Sand.Sand’s Food Bowl

President Barack Obama has The Magic Touch!

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Dear Aunt Joan, Dear Aunt Joan

All the times you calmed me via telephone with your

words in the spirit

I thank you…………

They have opened your temple at least three times in one week….

If you must leave us now,

Know that I will remember and hold onto the singing cadence of your voice,

and to your words that inspired me to reflect on my life…

and to your question, “God is calling, are you listening?”

Dear Aunt Joan

Dear Aunt Joan

If I could have you here for a day

I would drive you to Mariastein in Switzerland

If I had to, I would carry you down the steps into the “Grotte”

Where legend has it, a small boy fell down from a precipice into the arms of an angel and thereupon, his life was spared.

You would immediately sense the peace of God’s Holy Spirit.

The heat would warm your aching bones.

If I could have you here,

I would drive you to the Sisters(Nuns) at Hohrodberg in France

You could enter the sanctuary and commune with the Almighty!

Later we would feast on a lunch with the nuns in complete silence

A ritual the nuns practice so that they can hear when God speaks.

We would enter into my garden

I would show you the grapevine planted in honor of your Dad, my Pappy Harry,

I would  show you the “sweet bubby” bush planted in honor of your Mom, my Mama Mill,

You would see the owl sculpture in honor of your sister, my Aunt Donna,

And the painting your sister, Sylv, my Mom,  drew on our driveway entrance of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

You would see the wooden chair I placed at the top of the hill behind our home, near the nature route… a place where I sit in the summer and commune with God…. a chair placed so that others who pass may choose to stop, sit, and reflect on God’s magnificence and grace.

Then I would take you in the house and rub your aching bones with warm Apulian olive oil

A way to say thank you for praying over my pain ridden knees as a child..no, I didn’t forget.

Then I would kneel at your wheelchair, take your hands in mine

And together we would pray and give thanks to God

for our connection over the years.

We would pray for the healing of the world

We would rejoice about all the challenges that God has pulled us through,

And we would offer a special thanks

that God enables other nieces and aunts to remain connected in spite of the

distance that separates.

God bless you and keep you.



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A child of God, embracing the light and sharing it with others, relishing in this journalistic journey while making paninis, singing, smiling at folk,  and taking photos…

2 Responses to Dear Aunt Joan

  1. whenquiet says:

    Thank you Trinity:-)

  2. This is a beautiful ode to your aunt.  So tender and eloquent.  I’m happy to have read this and only wish I’d now known her as she was clearly someone you’d want to walk through life with.  Beautiful.

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Pray for Dara!

Originally posted on Faith1st Ministries:

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone that prayed and continue to pray and stand for Dara’s total healing! She is improving. Check out the latest update.

Attention Saints of the Most High God!

There is an urgent need for prayer right now! There is a child named Dara who is in the hospital with an extremely high fever that is unexplained. Regardless of the cause, we must pray for her deliverance and the family’s strength and peace! So please pray!

Father in the name of Jesus! We come to you petitioning Dara’s complete healing and deliverance. You have assured us in your Word that we can come to you and you will hear us. So Father, according to the measure of faith you have placed within us, we stand on your Word and will for her healing.

I speak to her body and say, be well and whole in Jesus’…

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“‘ …..judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character…’” Martin Luther King, Jr.

Originally posted on Memos from the Middle:

Class was over, but the bell had not yet rung. She pulled her reddish lipstick out of her purse and applied it expertly to her lips.

“How do you do that without a mirror?” I asked.

“I’ve had these lips my whole life,” she said. “When you’re my age, you’ll be able to do that too.” This solidified the “cool” tag I’d already given her.

But it wasn’t just the lipstick application that made her cool. It was also the way she could totally dismiss the “dumb questions” teachers always say don’t really exist with a quick, “Are you kidding?” in one breath and embrace them with the nurturing “Come see me tomorrow at lunch,” in the next. It was the way she could command the attention and respect from a bunch of rambunctious junior high kids by just walking into the room. It was the way the crowd in…

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“`’You over there…. yeah you…. You said women shouldn’t be given the right to vote ‘cos’ Christ wasn’t a woman. Well, where did your Christ come from? From God and a woman. Man ain’t had nothin’ to do with it….” Excerpt from Sojourner Truth’s Speech, “Ain’t I A Woman”

Originally posted on AAUW Dialog:

Sunday, August 26, is Women’s Equality Day. This day marks the anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote 92 years ago. Thousands of women and their allies worked for decades to make that day in 1920 possible. It took years of lobbying and demonstrations, passing out pamphlet after pamphlet, publishing editorials, and giving speeches to make it happen. On Women’s Equality Day in 2010, we celebrated some of the great sacrifices women suffragists made in the fight for the vote.

The right to vote was a great step in women gaining equality — many of today’s elected leaders are sticking up for women and their rights because women are a vocal constituency. But it’s not enough. Some of our representatives still believe women can’t get pregnant from rape, while others want to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which provides millions of…

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Take me to the Water Reblogged Part 2



Originally posted on Whenquiet's Blog:

At the heel of the boot of Apulia, in a city named Manduria(once named Casalnuova), gems await the history buff, archaeological expert or one seeking spiritual solace.

Monte Pliniano boasts a well with an endless supply of water and a flourishing almond tree growing in its center.  Pliny the Elder, a Roman author, wrote of this almond tree phenomena in his Natural History Book approximately 300 centuries A.D. Upon descension into the confines of the well, I felt a sort of surrealism as images of biblical times emerged in my memory.  Legend has it that the water attracted multitudes of people.   Those afflicted with illness attest to the healing properties of the water.  Granted permission, I descended the steps and doused in the holy water.

The gem that invoked an outpouring of tears is cradled in the confines of Chiesa San Pietro Mandurino, a sanctuary from way back in the day.  Prophet Isaiah….his eyes penetrating, piercing, demanding…beckoning…

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