Warrior Dust© by Anna Greene Dell’Era

And we can’t ever get tired

or show back ache

Through love, we just keep on giving

Though evil keeps showing us hate

I wonder if Jesus is tired

of the slaughtered and terrorized black lifeless bodies

their spirits lifting to heaven

as Angels gather round God’s throne

Earthly echoes of Mother’s and Father’s moans

grieving from the liters of black blood on sidewalks splattered

they surely hear the cacophony of Earth voices

screaming out

Black Lives Matter.

God, Will you please send someone to sound the trombone?

Will you send us another saviour

to direct our way home?

I’m all of 64

and have absorbed words of Langston Hughes

I can even touch a few souls with my rendition of the blues

I have encompassed the spirt of Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks,

Stared racist demons in the face until I’m left in the dark.

Iconic it would be, the name of John Lewis, substituted on the Edmond Pettus bridge

and Sojourner Truth on the 20

Anxious instead, that CNN reports still another black man killed.

I miss you Martin, Malcolm and Maya

Your existence took us all a little higher.

Yet we are not tired

We’ve come from way back yonder

Sweet victory is coming

V.P. to Biden, Kamala.

We can’t ever show we are tired

though our backs remember the whiplash,

humiliation, discrimination, provocation, disrespect,

sacrifice, mental anguish and suffering, profiling, subjugation, kiss ass.


we often, kneel and lay our burdens down,

our warrior shields rest, not rust

For when the alarm sounds

We jolt upright,


Swipe off the dust.

Love and God’s dominion

protect us from the sour

Holy Spirit embraces.

We have unending power.

U.S. You’re overdue.

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Take Me To The Water, I Want To Be Baptized

Pliny’s Fountain – Manduria, Italy

I have so much to be thankful for.

Six years ago, I had no hair, almost no weight, no energy, null….effects of chemicals to combat a life threatening illness.

A dark place can often manifest as a result of negative energies, negative circumstances, negative people, negative nucleus and negative infrastructure. And then one becomes ill.

However, one can choose to activate the concept that a negative plus a negative equals positive.

This black woman took a mistake and turned it into a masterpiece.

Teaching vocal technique/movement to cancer patients in Basel at the Cancer League elevated energies to a higher level…I am able to take my test and make it a testimony for the good of others going through the fire. The prophetess Anna was reknown for her attitude, not her age. She was known for her Father, the Almighty, not her husband, a man of flesh. She celebrated God in all that she did. Even through difficult and challenging times, she continued to praise God.

Six years later, I glorify in the wisdom that hurled me into a proactive approach to my healing. What I learned is that:

In spite of my pain, I reached out and assisted others in their healing. I became proactive. I didn’t wallow in self-defeat, self-loathing, self-destruction.

I veered away from negative situations, negative folk who brought me down. I surround myself with folk who see the good in me and who are proactive about making positive changes around them and within the world. I encourage anyone to do the same.

Go to places that assist in your healing.

Connect with people who enjoy your company.

Go on the street and sing!

Dance, act, paint, ride a bicycle, teach what you know…smile, laugh, get a massage, get your nails done, try a new hairdo, if financially feasible, go to another country, change your environment, if even for a week-end.

Accept that things will change for the better. If you feel really really feel like you are in a funk, seek professional help. Do Not Stay in the Chasm!!!



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By Anna Greene Dell’Era©

As I gaze seagulls’ flight

I give thanks for the gift of sight

As I peer the intensity of the sea’s aquamarine

I accept the unknown of things unseen

I reflect on my ancestors’ plight

Sardined in slave ships

Unable to see light.

I flinch at undenyers’ protocol

 Deemphasizing the indignity of my people’s journey, while standing tall

Is it me, or could it be I’m talking to a wall?

I tire of explaining the story

 in different languages

 to folk who have no clue,

It is frustrating and demeaning,  

when they feign indifference, these folk who don’t like me…

Then I remember Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man

or John Howard Griffin’s Black Like Me

And understand

Penning my story is the key.

I came of age in America

Ventured across the Atlantic sea

The inequity of racism in the South

Naturally left its mark on me.

Navigating exisitence in Europe

Exempts my seed nor me freed from the sting of reflecting what Phillip Roth considers the Human Stain.

But what I know what for sure

Is that those who attempt to suppress and oppress us suffer from a mighty inferior pain.

Painful yes, to hear an Englishman tell my Italian husband that I am of the inferior race,

To hear a French woman compare my daughter to an ape, right in front of my face,

To hear a German man tell me I should go back to Africa and pick peanuts,

And thus, while pregnant, by yet another German man, to be called a whore,

To be repeatedly unnecessarily detained by Swiss, German, and French police officers,

in an attempt to disintegrate my core.

You who suffer with the disease of white supremacy, a nugget of advice I will share with thee,

I am beautiful, elegant, intelligent, spiritual, God’s child, full of pride

My heart holds multitudes of space, my castle abundant and wide,

Evil will never, ever consume my space

Spirit rebukes it, Love is jumping around all over the place, I will not break.

On this journey, I am selecting nuggets of joy to thrive, 

Move please, I have things to do, Climbing, climbing, oh, so high!

Giving thanks to each moment, Hallelujah, Jesus, I am alive!!!!

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NEVER GIVE UP#InternationalDanceDay, #BeyonceBeforeILetGoDanceChallenge, (Anna Greene Dell’Era-62 years young)


(Senior Citizen Anna Greene Dell’Era First Attempt)

Beyoncé’s new Netflix documentary is giving me life! She awesomely interweaves her artistry with the awesome cultural significance of HBCU(Historically Black Colleges and Universities) Step and Marching Bands. This documentary promotes me to revisit my university undergraduate years 1975-1979 at University of North Carolina-Greensboro. UNC-G had a Black Student Union(Neo-Black Society), but it was to HBCU A & T (Agricultural and Technical Institute) that I fled to absorb African American realness. I tried out for the Cheerleading squad, and was devastated at not being accepted. I noted that the ones selected were of light complexion. I am medium brown. (Color caste system??)

Fast forward to my graduate degree work at American University in Washington, D.C. 1979-1981. I found myself fleeing to HBCU Howard University for more African American realness. I became a member of 10th World, a funky band under the direction of Joseph Walker. During my non-thesis option for my Master’s Degree in Performing Arts/Dance, 1981, 10th World even performed during my 2 day non-thesis option Master’s Degree performance. They threw down!!!!

Beyoncé prompts me to revisit my roots, reminds me of my responsibility as an artist, (even at 62 years young), inspires me to realise that I represent my people wherever I may roam, and coaxes me to uplift, encourage, enlighten, educate….and to SING and DANCE!!!!!!

International Dance Day Tribute
BeyoncéBeforeILetGoDanceChallenge Anna Greene Dell’Era Second Attempt
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DA France 2019 National Elections – Meet the Candidates posted by Robin Guinot | DAF COMMUNCATIONS COORDINATOR April 10, 2019

Anna Dell’Era, F

I am a concerned American citizen and Democrats Abroad France Strasbourg member.  I have resided in France since 1992.  An active Democrats Abroad member during the Obama campaign in 2008, I painstakingly phonebanked in an Dems Abroad- Swiss branch apartment in Basel, Switzerland, made frequent trips to Strasbourg, France and was a proud and humble invitee to President Obama’s Town Hall meeting in Strasbourg in April, 2009. During President Obama’s second campaign, I battled a life threatening illness and was unable to actively participate in campaigning efforts. However, I made sure to execute my absentee voting procedure.  I made sure that my vote got counted!!   

According to a State Department report of 2016, 3-6 million Americans reside abroad.  We need those votes.

Americans abroad need to be aware of existing portals that can contribute to living a productive, aware, and meaningful life here while maintaining our political integrity.    Different challenges occur that require networking. As an American with a track record of different experiences and challenges, I can offer compassionate advice concerning the political infrastructure of France, Germany and Switzerland…..challlenges concerning housing, insurance, or employment. I also have an avid interest in the Diversity section of Dems Abroad and in helping to establish a Chapter precinct in neighbouring Haut-Rhin section of France, for Americans who reside near the Swiss border. 

As a National Voting Representative, I will bring my experiences and challenges to the table, tirelessly work to support the initiatives of Democrats Abroad Political Committee, work closely with the designated party sub-groups to assure that DA fulfills its goals and responsibilities, reflect a progressive stance, demonstrate professionalism, diplomacy and provoke mutual respect.



All members of Democrats Abroad France are eligible to vote in this election. To join DAF, you must be a US citizen aged 18 or older by November 3, 2020, with an address in France, not be a member of any other Democrats Abroad Country Committee, and subscribe to the principles of the Democratic Party of the United States of America and of Democrats Abroad. To join Democrats Abroad, click here.


ELECTIONS WILL BE HELD Saturday, May 11, 2019 at the American Church in Paris from 2:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M.  Come meet and hear from the nominees prior to the final vote! To RSVP and for more details, please click here


Early voting by online ballot will also be made available to DAF members via email. If you should exercise the early vote option, you may still attend the in-person meeting on May 11, but shall not be allowed to vote a second time, nor to change your vote. As noted in previous announcements, because early voting will be underway, no nominations from the floor can be accepted.

You will soon receive via email your Absentee/Early Voting Ballot with voting instructions and deadlines.

Questions? Please contact the DA France Elections Board at electionsboarddaf@gmail.com.

Thank you!

DA France Elections Board
Patrick Ganne
Alex Blumrosen
Karen Wildau

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Greene Onion

Speaking my truth, creatively, reminds me of an onion. Removal of the thin outer layer is necessary to arrive at the juice. In honor of Black History Month, I offer two snippets of my Greene Onion….Humble salutes to Sojourner Truth, African American abolitionist and social activist – Speech- – Ain’t I A Woman- is as timely today as in the year 1800. Langston Hughes, African American Renaissance poet – Poem- Mother to Son – “‘An artist must be able to choose what he does, but he must also not be afraid to do what he might choose.'” LH 3 Because of security reasons, my monologues are unable to upload…Alas, I leave you with the written word..

Sojourner Truth -A snippet from Ain’t I A Woman Speech-

“‘Seems between the black people of the South and the White women of the North, the white man is gonna find himself in a fix pretty soon.

This man here says women shouldn’t be given the place everywhere…well, ain’t nobody ever helped me over no ditch, or helped me into a carriage, or helped me over a muddy puddle…and ain’t I a woman?

Look at me! Look at my arms..I have ploughed and gathered into barns, more than any man…and take the lash as well, and ain’t I a woman?

I done born 13 chillen’ and had ’em all sold off into slavery and when I cried out with a Mother’s grief, ain’t none but Jesus heard me..and ain’t I a woman?

This man over deah…he says women shouldn’t be given the same rights as men, ‘cos Christ won’t a woman…Well, where did your Christ come from? From God and a woman…Man ain’t had nothin’ to do wit it!!

I just think that if the first woman God made was able to turn the world right side up, these women gathered here today oughtta to be able to turn it right side up again…I’m ‘bliged for y’all hearing on me….my name is Sojourner Truth and I ain’t got nothin’ more to say.'”

Langston Hughes – Mother to Son

Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair

It’s had tacks in it and splinters and boards all tored up

And places with no carpet on the floor….bare

But all the time I’sa goin’ on, and reachin’ landins’

and turnin’ corners, and going sometimes in the dark

where they ain’t been no light

So chil’, don’t you sit down on dem stairs ‘cuz

you find it’s kinda hard…don’t you fall…

‘cuz I’sa still goin’

I’sa still climbin’

And life for me ain’t been no crystal stair.'”

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So you want to sing?

So, sing! Any way you can.

Anna Dell’Era offers vocal workshop for Cancer patients and those affected

each Tuesday 14:00-16:00

Haus der Krebsliga beider Basel

Petersplatz 12, 4051 – Basel, Switzerland

Vocal technique focusing on correct breathing; imagery technique and movement to assist with emotional trauma; singing of songs to encourage sense of well-being

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when you tire of answering questions

cause you know you’re being placed in a box

you don’t dare remove your shoes

cause there’s s hole in your sock

your mental health specialist is nodding

as you try to speak

he gets paid while you wait three-five years for invalid and unemployment benefit legal battle briefs

when is the last time you had fun with your life?

the last time you flew a kite

when is the last time

your belly hurt when you laughed?

when is the last time you hugged your cat?

life can throw some punches

but you have to hit back

even when you’re tired

get out of the sack.

take your dog for a walk

caw with the crows

if no one answers the phone

could mean they don’t want to be home.

lonely lonelinesses loan

incredible gifts

write, sing, dance, paint, scream

look in the mirror,

There is a queen.

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And, this is my America.

I saw the video concerning the confrontation between the Covington Students and the Elder Native American, Mr. Nathan Phillips on Twitter. I was saddened, angry, and felt I must respond. Last night, I viewed the uploaded video which included the Black Israelites, verbally addressing their agenda about the state of affairs of the world.  Within this video, I was able to view the truth of what my America has become.

A tree, roots embedded within the Earth…roots nourished on bloodshed of our forefathers and foremothers, fear, broken hearts, deceit, corruption, displacement, failed financial ventures, homelessness, poverty, disruption of plans, deceit, misunderstandings, racial injustice, oppression, privilege, guilt, ignorance, truth…Roots, from the same tree, evolving, tangled, continuing to adapt, attempting to live…and now, the tree’s branches extend to the sky… to the heavens, screaming….Help….. Within this chasm of controversy and chaos, the branches understand that each need the other….It is only possible to evolve with love….The courageous Native American, Mr. Nathan Phillips,  dissipates the impending doom. And this is my America.

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The Border Control Corps of Basel threw my passport on the ground!

(Article written by Lukas Hausendorf of 20 Minutes Basel)

Der Zwischenfall ereignete sich am Nachmittag des 7. März am Grenzübergang Basel-Huningue neben dem Novartis Campus. Meistens ist die Zollstation unbesetzt, nicht aber an diesem Tag. Anna Dell’Era, Afroamerikanerin und italienisch-amerikanische Doppelbürgerin, war auf dem Heimweg nach Kembs (F). Noch bevor sie die Grenze passierte sah sie den Wagen ihrer Tochter und hielt an. Die junge Frau war mit zwei dunkelhäutigen Kollegen unterwegs nach Basel. Zwei Grenzwächter unterzogen sie einer Kontrolle.
«Ich stieg aus und zückte mein Handy, um meinen Mann anzurufen», erzählt Dell’Era. Dann sei sie angeschnauzt worden: «Sie dürfen keine Fotos machen.» Tatsächlich verbietet Artikel 236 der Zollverordnung das Fotografieren oder Filmen des Personals der Zollverwaltung während der Ausübung seiner Tätigkeit. Dell’Era machte allerdings Foto- und Videoaufnahmen, um das Verhalten der Beamten zu dokumentieren. «Solche Situationen, in denen Respektlosigkeit und Rassismus offensichtlich sind, sind der Grund, weshalb Bürger das Handy zücken und dieses Verhalten dokumentierten», sagt die Sängerin und Tänzerin.

Wiederholt sei sie aufgefordert worden, ihr Handy auszuhändigen. Sie weigerte sich: «Ich kenne meine Rechte, ich gebe Ihnen mein Telefon nicht», erwiderte sie. Sie blieb auch bei dieser Haltung, als man ihr drohte, Pass und Führerschein nicht mehr zurückzugeben. Die Ausweise warf der Grenzwächter in der Folge auf den Boden. «Als ich ihn bat, die Dokumente aufzuheben, murmelte er nur etwas Unverständliches und tat dies nicht», so Dell’Era.

Zollverwaltung weist Vorwürfe zurück

«Dieses Verhalten war unkorrekt, respektlos und rassistisch», sagt Dell’Era. Sie beschwerte sich tags darauf schriftlich beim Basler Zollkreisdirektor und verlangte eine Entschuldigung. Unter anderem wirft sie der Behörde Racial Profiling vor. Abklärungen in der Sache seien eingeleitet worden, teilte ihr die Dienstchefin Aufgabenvollzug danach mit. Auf die Entschuldigung wartet sie aber auch zwei Wochen nach dem Vorfall noch immer. «Ich behalte mir zivilrechtliche Schritte vor», meint die Sängerin, die mittlerweile einen Anwalt eingeschaltet hat.

Die Zollverwaltung weist die Vorwürfe auf Anfrage von 20 Minuten zurück: Das Grenzwachtkorps mache kein Racial Profiling. Vielmehr würden Kontrollen «aufgrund von konkreten Fahndungen und Hinweisen, Risikoanalysen und der Erfahrung der Mitarbeitenden» gemacht, heisst es in einer Stellungnahme des EZV-Mediensprechers Walter Pavel. «Alles andere wäre nicht zielführend.»

«Schwarze werden systematisch kontrolliert»

Nachfragen bei Anlaufstellen und NGOs zeichnen ein anderes Bild. «Solche Fälle werden immer wieder an uns herangetragen», sagt Beat Gerber, Mediensprecher von Amnesty Schweiz. «Ethnic Profiling ist ein akutes Thema.» An den Schweizer Grenzen würden seit Monaten praktisch alle Personen schwarzer Hautfarbe oder mit einem nordafrikanischen Erscheinungsbild systematisch nach ihren Ausweisen gefragt, berichtet er.

Racial oder Ethnic Profiling ist eine völkerrechtlich verbotene Diskriminierung, weil Verdachtsmomente allein auf dem Erscheinungsbild einer Person, also ihrer Hautfarbe oder Herkunft beruhen.


The incident occurred on the afternoon of the 7th March at the border crossing Basel-Huningue next to the Novartis campus. Usually the customs station is unoccupied, but not on this day. Anna Dell’Era, an African-American and Italian-American citizen, was on her way home to Kembs (F). Before she crossed the border, she saw her daughter’s car and stopped. The young woman was traveling with two dark-skinned colleagues to Basel. Two border guards put them under control.  “I got out and grabbed my cell phone to call my husband,” says Dell’Era. The border policeman  said, “You can not take pictures.” Indeed, Article 236 of the Customs Ordinance prohibits the taking of photographs or filming by the staff of the Customs Administration during the course of its activities. Dell’Era, however, took photo and video recordings to document the behavior of the officials. “Such situations, in which disrespect and racism are obvious, are the reason why citizens grab their mobile phone and document this behavior,” says the singer and dancer. She had repeatedly been asked to hand over her cell phone. She refused, “I know my rights, I will not give you my phone,” she replied. She also remained by her conviction when she was threatened that her passport and driving license would not be returned. The border patrol officer then threw the documents on the ground. “When I asked him to pick up the documents, he murmured something incomprehensible and did not,” Dell’Era said. Border administration rejected accusations “This behavior was incorrect, disrespectful and racist,” says Dell’Era. She complained to the Basler Zollkreisdirektor in the afternoon via telephone and countless emails and asked for an excuse. Among other things, she raises the claim of  Racial Profiling. Clarifications on the matter have been initiated.   But she is still waiting for the apology two weeks after the incident. “I take correct civil law steps,” says the singer, who has now requested assistance from a lawyer. The Customs Administration rejected the allegations on request of 20 minutes newspaper.  The border guard corps do not exercise racial profiling, they claim.   On the contrary, checks are made “on the basis of concrete investigations and indications, risk analysis and the experience of the employees”.  According to an opinion of the media journalist Walter Pavel,  “Everything else would not be effective.” «Blacks are systematically controlled» Inquiries at contact points and NGOs draw a different picture. “Such cases are always brought back to us,” says Beat Gerber, media speaker of Amnesty Switzerland. “Ethnic profiling is an acute issue.” At the Swiss border, practically every person with black skin color or a North African appearance had been asking for their identity cards for months, he reports. Racial or Ethnic Profiling is a discrimination prohibited by international law because suspicious factors are based solely on the appearance of a person, ie, their skin color or origin.2670AB6EEA7C3A4DE35073AC0D0A6C55.jpg



Mehr Themen

Konservative liegen bei Wahlen in Bulgarien vorn

Das prowestliche Lager des früheren Regierungschefs Boiko Borissow könnte als Sieger aus dem Urnengang hervorgehen.

Hund Schnauze zugeklebt – 5 Jahre Gefängnis

Dieser Fall schockierte vor zwei Jahren ganz Amerika: Ein Mann band seiner Hündin die Schnauze mit Isolierband ab. Nun muss er hinter Gitter.

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