The Maturity of Me

When a muscle pulls, the body aches in all different places…For four weeks, I’ve been feeling like a padded skeleton connected by a stretched rubber band. Via long distance telephone, my Mom sung to me “Dem Bones Dem Bones Dem Dry Bones….made me chuckle at my present state, while simultaneously alerting me to the fact that I ain’t 18 anymore. Where was my adult logic when I was turning the 18 somersaults for a pair of four year old twins that I was nannying?..Probably buried in my back bone. Anyway, three chiropractic adjustments later, four missed days of work, and a prompt dismissal from the nannying position(still dealing with that disappointment…never hit a nanny when she’s down), my mind is slowly beginning to understand what my body is trying to say….Slow Down!….Know what? I’m beginning to enjoy the maturity of me. Ahhhh, the extra snoozes in the morning, the sumptuous bath by candlelight at 10:00 a.m., the pleasure of dining on a breakfast of Cream of Wheat with cinnamon, Domino’s brown sugar(the dark one), a dollop of butter, and soy milk…the divine rapture of catching the sun dance on the redness of the rosehip buds, and the pleasure of gathering fallen leaves…warm serenity in embracing my cat and sniffing her animal existence…how nice peanut butter tastes mixed with nutella on pumpkin bread, and how nice to slowly begin to stretch my legs(carefully) again….kinda nice to have to come in to go out.


About whenquiet

A child of God, opinionated, survivor, eloquent, elegant, exquisite, and humble, loving life and shining light to those who are in the shadow.
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2 Responses to The Maturity of Me

  1. Thank you for a wonderful way of looking at slowing down for a second! I too, am not 18 anymore – and it’s depressing when I can’t push myself in focused concentration all day when I think I need to. I realized after reading this it’s not that I should try to ‘push’ myself through anything but maybe it’s that I should enjoy the time in between, and take a break or simply- realize somehow that I’m being called on to enjoy the carpet of fallen leaves left for me on the path to my door …. i should forget the ‘push’ for a moment and be energized by what’s around me. Duh! I haven’t lost ‘any’ edge. The answers are in the beauty around me ….

  2. whenquiet says:

    What a wonderful and calming response. I salute you in joining me to celebrate the golden years:-)

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