Hurry up before the tram comes! (Selling Italian specialties on a tram street in Basel, Switzerland)

show]show]The hard part is not in driving the five hours to Piedmont, Italy,  from Alsace, France, loading the car with Italian products, then driving the five hours back to Basel, Switzerland to our shop, il buon gusto.    The challenging part is getting the products unloaded from the car into our shop on this teeny tiny street in the Totentanz area of Basel, Switzerland,  the street that  is monopolized by the tram No 11 direction St. Louis, France that runs every seven minutes. The street is so narrow, one is prone to walk very close to the adjacent building in fear that one will get swooped up in the tram’s passing current.   

So nice when I reflect back on what was, and what now is.     My hubbie did a once over on the shop fassade with a heavy duty electric steam/pressure remover.  The graffiti, however, remained.  Determined to remove the nervous letters myself, I purchased a bottle of graffiti remover in Loerrach, Germany, a nearby city.  Cost me 18 Euro.  Then, squirt, scrub brush, scrub, rinse, squirt, scrub, rinse.. I used elbow power.  Whew!   Not a big difference.  Traces of a night prowler with ink seemed to make fun of my muscled effort.  After three separate attempts, I threw in the towel.  The landlady rewarded my efforts and hired a painter.  Finally, a gray toned fassade replaced the nervous scribbled nonverbal chatter.  Almost one year later our fassade remains graffiti free(guess I shouldn’t voice that out loud). 

Regular customers love the wines, honey and chocolate.  I have even sold a couple of my self baked chocolate chip cookies, Anna Renee’s Pastries.   

Now, if we can just find a way to establish an il buon gusto tram stop, we will be in business.


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A child of God, opinionated, survivor, eloquent, elegant, exquisite, and humble, loving life and shining light to those who are in the shadow.
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