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KWANZAA, The icing on the cake of Christmas

I love the Christmas holidays. Especially when the gift giving is over and my family observes the celebration of KWANZAA, an African-American tradition of observing seven wonderful principles from December 26-January 1. Here, at our house in France, we have … Continue reading

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Folk who plug into others’  private information just for the heck of it must really have Null lives.  In addition to that, what a cowardly mode of existence.  It must be hazardous when these criminals are caught…..serving time behind bars?   Actually, … Continue reading

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As a writer, irregardless of how talented, how popular, how unpopular, how powerful, or how many contacts one might have…..a ground principle should be to remain sensitive to the folk you may reach, touch, untouch, offend, enlighten, enpower, offend, educate, … Continue reading

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Snow, Sparrows, and Gratitude

I see the vacancy in the eyes of the lonely woman she walks her furry dog in the cold,  in the snow. The other woman, clothed in fur, with the Gucci bag, somehow deep down, I sense the “sad”. At … Continue reading

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Dear WordPress, Because of your platform, I have ventured inside myself to restore suppressed imagery, hidden emotions, and flowers waiting to blossom, irregardless of the weather. My fingers caress the miniature black buttons of my laptop, and the remnants of … Continue reading

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“THANKS FOR THE NUTS!”(If a water rat could speak)

  In our community of Kembs, France, these creatures(water rat, ragondin, coypu)thrive near the fisherman’s wharf among the ducks, swan, and geese.  Kembs, known formerly as Cambete, is an Alsacian village, and is the city where renowned Frenchman,  René Koechlin, … Continue reading

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Feelin’ my ‘fro flow

Somethin’  about seeing my face embraced by the haloish fuzziness of my fro Takes me back to a time of first love, my first real mandingo bro´ I also taste the North Carolina fish fries Old time religion, And back … Continue reading

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DON´T PICK NO EMPTY STRAWS His wise, story-telling chatter competed with his questions about mathematics(what equals mc2?) or the geological composition, similarities and differences of the stalactite and stalagmite rocks.  You see, he was always thirsty for knowledge. And talk … Continue reading

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