FOREIGN WISDOM (Japanese/German/English Words of Wisdom from Masako, my Japanese Eurythmy friend


Rummaging through my old journals, I luckily stumbled upon a poem that my friend, Masako, had given me during my recovery from a hysterectomy.  Masako and I met while we studied Eurythmy at the Academy of Eurythmische Kunst in Switzerland.

I recall how Masako travelled to the hospital to visit me in Germany.  Upon my return home to France, she took a train and a taxi from Switzerland to our home in France, prepared dinner for my family, massaged my back, and chanted(Masako is a Buddhist) for my recovery.

It is just now that I read the poem again that the significance rings clear.

The last time I heard from Masako, she phoned to congratulate me on the victory of President Barack Obama.

There are folk who enter our lives and make such an imprint that they are never forgotten.  Masako is such a person.

I hope that the following  precious words of the poem will penetrate the souls of others, as they did mine.

Seikun (Heilige Weisungen)

 Kuraki toki wa

(Wenn das Herz verdunkelt ist)

When the heart is dark

Ou tokoro kotogotojku Wazawai nari

(Wird alles, was einem begegnet, zu unheil)

All that one encounters will be unholy.

Manako akiraka naru toki wa

(Klart die Sichtweisse auf)

When one’s perspective becomes clear,

Michi ni furete mina takaranari

(Berührt man den Weg, und alles wird zu was Kostbaren)

The way clears, and everything becomes costly and fabulous.

Kokoro no uchi ni Midare okoran toki wa

(Gerät das Herz in Aufregung)

When the heart becomes excited

Kanarazu Sandai O nenzu oeshi

One incites as a prayer consequences

Tsuki no shojo naru ga go toku

(Wie der Mond rein und lauter ist)

As the moon is full and round

Jishin momuku nari

(Wird dann auch das eigene Herz ohne Makel werden)

Then one’s own heart without conflict, will become fullclarity.

Tsuki no enman naru ga gotoku

(Wie der mond erfüllt ist)

As the moon becomes full

Jishin mo kakuru kotonashi

(Wird es auch der eigenen Herzen an nichts fehlen)

Also, one’s own heart will not be lacking

Tsuki no keppaku naruga gotaku

(Wie das einwandfrei Werk des Mondes,)

Just as the majestic work of the moon,

Jishin mo byaku Ho nari

(Wird dann auch das eigene Herz zur ungetrübten Lehre )

From one’s own heart, one will become the teacher.

*All original photos were taken in Sri Lanka and Maledives.


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2 Responses to FOREIGN WISDOM (Japanese/German/English Words of Wisdom from Masako, my Japanese Eurythmy friend

  1. jesswords10 says:

    What beautiful words and photos. I would love to see these places! I’m happy you had a friend like Masako to be with you while you were healing. We all need those friends that leave behind a fingerprint on our soul. Thank you for sharing.

  2. whenquiet says:

    Thank you Jesswords10!

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