(Ebony, Shatera, Tylisha, Naturia, Amber, Yashman, cousins Milon, Kelis,  Tracy, Todd, Kayla and Joshua)

by Anna Greene Dell’Era

Yes, though there are thousands of air miles between you and me

Please, understand that this reality will never cease

To quieten my concern for your life, your needs

After all, we are sprouts from the same tree.

And though I am myself, here in Europe, a mother,

I send warm vibrations, hope you remain kind to another

For there, you are surrounded by next of kin

When you fall, when you hurt, you are consoled, then you mend.

Embrace the convenience, the possibility of seeing your sister’s(brother’s) eyes

Be happy that you can hold her(his) hand, when she(he) cries.

There is healing undenied by a loved one’s touch,

There is comfort in knowing you are loved so much.

How many years have I toiled and ached,

Wondering if remaining abroad

Was the wisest choice to take.

Now with my seedling,  a woman of age

I’m granted now a wisdom, I’ve become the sage.

The Holy Spirit spreads us out so that as we learn

We become prophets, testifiers of faith, though our backs become worn.

Nowhere is it written the journey will be light

Remain wise, look over your shoulder, there’s a soldier, destined to help you fight.

And I, my dears, know that there is a lesson with this distance

We are together in spirit, as family, can I get a witness?

In times like these, full of uncertainty,

Know there is a higher power

Destined to lead.

Merge ever nearer to that unfathomable light 

Cling to ritual, praise the almighty,

Never lose sight.

And never, ever forget that on that path you tread

To speak words of wisdom and light

So people will remember what you said.

I, Anna, am your aunt, blessed with your cousin, Taschira,

And you all, are reflected and represented over here in Europe, Hallelujah,  we are your mirror.

So walk, proudly, my nieces and cousins, reflect the genius that you carry

And remember, give honor to Grandma Mildred and Pappy Harry.    We Love You.


About whenquiet

A child of God, opinionated, survivor, eloquent, elegant, exquisite, and humble, loving life and shining light to those who are in the shadow.
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4 Responses to TO MY NIECES

  1. J says:

    Beautiful. I think all young people can gain from this message to your neices.

  2. whenquiet says:

    Thank you J. Please feel free to share the message:-)God bless!

  3. I uh, well, I’m speechless. What a beautiful poem.

  4. whenquiet says:

    Your speechlessness speaks tons. Merci beaucoup!

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