NELSON, IF YOU MUST GO (Poem for Nelson Mandela)


If you must go

know that your shadow reigns supreme


If you must go,

Tell Martin that his people have almost reached the promised land

and that President Barack Obama is the new man with the plan.

If you must go,

Understand why we weep

It is you, Nelson, who put apartheid to sleep.

If you must go,

Know that I hold on to your spirit endlessly,

And will speak audaciously of you to my grandchildren

so they don’t forget

what it means to be free.


About whenquiet

A child of God, opinionated, survivor, eloquent, elegant, exquisite, and humble, loving life and shining light to those who are in the shadow.
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4 Responses to NELSON, IF YOU MUST GO (Poem for Nelson Mandela)

  1. whenquiet says:

    Thank you. I continue to pray for his recovery!

  2. mcreek says:

    I had a speech of his on my bulletin board at work forever as a personal reminder of things. Thanks for sharing this here (and thanks for the nice comments on my blog).


  3. whenquiet says:

    MCreek, Your blog is more helpful than you can imagine:-)

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