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If THEY ever start talking about how you have a “bird in the head”

or that you are “cuckoo”(as they used to say about your Mom when you were little)

ask them how they would deal with receiving a phone call

announcing that your beloved niece who had just given birth

was stabbed in the neck and died before they could get her to the hospital…

If THEY ever say you act strange

ask them if they have ever tried to comfort a loved one

while he crouched on his knees with a straw trying to snort dust balls thinking it was cocaine?

If THEY tell you you come across a bit aggressive

ask them what they would do if they and their children were shoved, then verbally and attacked by a German man and woman

at a Christmas market in Freiburg with the words, “Gehe zuruck zu Africa, du schwarze nütte!  Deutschland gehort zu Deutscher!'”(“‘Go back to Africa, you black whore!  Germany belongs to Germans!'”)

If THEY say you are paranoid,

Ask them what they would do if a French teacher told them in the German language that

“‘Deine Tochter hat eine kleines kopf!'”(“‘Your child has a little brain'”)

If they say you are a bit pessimistic

Ask them how they would feel if the majority of  jobs held ended up in termination because you failed to yield to xenophobia,  racist work environment tendencies and unfair distribution of physical labor(slavery is over, or?) and were courageous enough to  defend yourself.

If THEY tell you you are a bit anxious

Ask them how you they would feel if a colleague’s son was murdered, burned, body parts chopped in pieces,(JUSTICE FOR WALID ESSOLH) and when they went to the mayor of the city to suggest singing for an event to raise money for  the family’s legal costs, you were told to “wait until things calmed down” and then the mayor asks  “How is your daughter?” 

If you ask your doctor to recommend a place of rejuvenation, one in which you can relax, and think about things, and he says,

“‘I know of a place that you can go'”

and you accept the week later confirmation via telephone,

then google the name of the place only to discover it is a  

Psychiatric Clinic in which patients require written certificate from the doctor to leave the premises and in which the patients are given lithium,

ask them what would they do?

If THEY wonder why you are aggressive, paranoid, sometimes angry and defensive,

Hit your knees, and say, “Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do”

hold your back straight, look at yourself in the mirror,

and understand that these folk just don’t get it.

I am a stranger in a foreign land

and I find my place of solace in the hands of the Almighty,

Label me crazy if you want

I will continue to smile

bake my cookies, help those in need

and rise jubilantly

I am a burnished child of God

Do not fear when my light shines brightly in the darkness

Do not attempt to lock me away when  sometimes, I just need to rest.

About whenquiet

A child of God, opinionated, survivor, eloquent, elegant, exquisite bohemian, and humble, loving life and shining light to those who are in the shadow.
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  1. Hi there! It pains me to hear that you are treated like that continually. I am from Austria, and sometimes it’s embarassing to be one. Here, foreigners are also treated like crap on a regular basis. Police brutality is also not unheard of and what older people sometimes say to foreigners is just unbelievable. Considering our history, it is even more frightening. I hope the younger generation changes and that such sad reports will end one time, but considering the parties on the far right are on the rise, it’s difficult to be hopeful. I send you lots of strength!

  2. whenquiet says:

    Thank you for sympathizing. I send all people light these days…the negativity just ain’t worth me getting any sicker….What I have experienced at times is that the local nationals(brave ones) speak up when some foreigners are treated unjustly and that simply brings a huge warmth to my heart center. I send you much warm energy and stamina for the completion of your thesis. Yes you can!!!

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