Replayed Deja Vu(Brother, can you spare a dime?)

His jacket was black, pants fresh pressed, hair slicked back and freshly gelled.  When this stranger walked into the shop, he looked at my husband, explained what part of Italy he was from, prepared the atmosphere for the slam dunk then asked him in Italian, “Can you lend me 50 francs?  I will pay you back next week!” My hubbie peered into the man’s eyes,  took 50 francs out of his wallet without blinking and gave it to him. The guy left his mobile phone as guarantee that he would return to pay off his loan. He exited the shop.

I asked my husband, “Why did you do that?  You won’t see your money again!”

My husband said,

“I think he will bring it back. I have his phone!  He obviously has problems dealing with money¨”

The next week, the guy walked in the shop,  paid off his loan and got his cell phone back.

Last week, he came again.  The same drama. The same question. Little did I know, he had repeated this scenario several times since during times that I was not around.  Sometimes, my husband said no, sometimes he said yes.

But this time, I entered the drama.

I asked him in German,

“Why do you have no money?   We have a child who is beginning to study.  We need our money!  This is not cool what you do!”

The beggar said, “”I’ll give it back!'”  (Blah blah blah blah)

My husband gave him the 50 Francs.

What is the necessity of this exchange?

Is my husband a good Samaritan or the victim of manipulation?

I drop coins in the hat of a street musician, and I have been scammed by a beggar in a business suit who told me he left his briefcase on the tram and needs money to phone his wife.  When I saw the same beggar enter a bar for a drink, I felt ticked off but know that he will be dealt with by a higher source. 

But to repeatedly fall for a replayed deja vu????? Shish!

(-The beggar has not returned-)

Think carefully, reminisce about how you feel, what you think and how you react when a stranger approaches and asks, “‘Brother, Sister, can you spare a dime?'”


About whenquiet

A child of God, opinionated, survivor, eloquent, elegant, exquisite bohemian, and humble, loving life and shining light to those who are in the shadow.
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4 Responses to Replayed Deja Vu(Brother, can you spare a dime?)

  1. i think its nice that your husband believes in the goodness of people though, shame he didnt come back to reinforce it

  2. Patricia says:

    Yeah. It’s a question there never is an unchanging answer for, but your husband sounds as if you picked him well 🙂 Sehr sympathisch.

  3. whenquiet says:

    Normally, my husband has a keen perception in reading people. He continues to tell me this dude will be back. So, probably he will. Thanks for responding.

  4. whenquiet says:

    Thanks for the compliment Patricia.
    By the way, your writing is absolutely wonderful!

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