exactly where you are

just that perfect place …you are embraced by your favorite sweater, cuddled in your favorite jeans and sneakers,  inclined back in your favorite summer lounge chair, and the one of the last wonderful suns of October is right where you want it, and you don’t want to move, ‘cos’ you are in a part of the garden hidden by onlookers, secure, warm and comfy….you know that the hours will soon dwindle away…your cat senses your peaceful delight and pounces on your tummy, eager to relax her paws on your spotless black sweater…your hubby runs to the rescue and hands you a towel, a barrier, so both your  feline friend and you remain peaceful..she can paw and knit, your sweater remains intact and you can both snooze…whoa!..another unexpected surprise…your hubby brings you a bowl of  pureed veggie soup with sprinkled parmesan cheese.  Though you are wearing a neck brace to keep your muscle inflamed neck straight, you spoon the soup into your mouth without spilling one single drop…heaven…..Your feline looks into your eyes and seems to hint to you that moments as these are the secrets of goddesses and mystical creatures…I heard that!!!

She purrs….. I rub her exquisite fur…she gives me a love bite….the sun smiles….my hubbie grabs the ipone and starts snapping photos…of Clementine, my goddess, and me….what  a perfect place, under the finally leafless mirabella tree, embraced by the lorbeer bush, winked at by the two or three remaining rosebuds,  saluted by the cassis bush that will be popping with berries by next summer…and whistled at by the scurrying birds competing for the last of the figs and the grapes..My hubby must rush off…a trip to Athens, his plane leaves soon…he coaxes me to remain as I am…he senses the peace of goddesses….and at that point, the sun begins to move….he suggests I enlongate the pleasure by moving the parakeet yelllow lounge chair to the other side of the garden…..the further end is  where I will be visible to passersby at the canal….and I do so treasure privacy…but I love more the sun….Oh what the heck! I pull my chair…Clementine leaps to the wood panelling on the upper veranda and stretches out like a furry seal on a stone…paradise……I cozy up and remain wrapped in a wonderful warmth of universe connected to my inner queen....Donned in my hat, sewn by my mother-in-law, decorated by my late grand-mother’s emerald brooch(one that an unlucky thief tried to rip away during an aerobics class),  I have remained in this cocoon of kindred spirit material since my earlier autumn walk with my hubby…it is if they console me. Embraced in my self made multi-colored wool scarf, with materials purchased in a fabulous Amsterdam fabric store last year, I close my eyes…… thoughts drift to the heavens, I envision a butterfly, and I envision many positive things that will be occurring for me in the next few months… my healing, the removal of my neck brace, my excitation concering my future visit Stateside to visit my Mom and family…I remained absolutely motionless during this visual journey…… I hear walnuts falling from the walnut tree to my left, birds chirping……..then vocal mumbling from a distance…I pray. “Let the mumblers pass on!”  Young adolescent german male voices who just had to interrupt Cleopatra…”Sie bewegt sich nicht!”(She doesn’t move), they whispered….I really attempted to remain undeterred….but they remained nearby, at the hill behind our home, slightly hidden by a tree….the mumbling continued….Of all the places, of all the miles of walking space, they decided to stop right there and interrupt.. converse, probably peep,  and infliltrate my peace..After the mumbling did not cease, I abruptly got up, mentioned to my cat, “Well, Clementine, we enjoyed it while we could!” I opened the back door, slammed it, and entered my beautiful home…  At that, they moved on, peeping back, and appeared  victorious that I had moved….Once I returned to my chair, groggy, but eager to continue my visual journey,  within two minutes, the two silence breakers returned, guffawing loudly….What the heck? At that, I entered my home, and blasted my CD player… Mahalia Jackson’ s vocals penetrated the atmosphere with “God Put A Rainbow In The Sky”.  Didn’t take them too long to realize they didn’t want to stick around for gospel.

Stretched out again and less groggy, I was able to relish the last part of Mahalia’s song sermon,  “Looked like the sun wasn’t gonna shine no more, and then God, he put a rainbow in the sky”…. Caught….. the last rays of the smiling sun and reminded by God and Mahalia, that I am responsible for not being removed from my throne of peace.

My hubby just phoned..He arrived in Athens safely. I am so blessed! And so thankful!

About whenquiet

A child of God, opinionated, survivor, eloquent, elegant, exquisite bohemian, and humble, loving life and shining light to those who are in the shadow.
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3 Responses to exactly where you are

  1. such nice imagery to describe your cozy day! what a feel-good post!

  2. Patricia says:

    Enjoyed this very much, of course! Thanks for sharing – it leaves a sunny feeling on this grey, foggy day.

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