Kingdom Come, (Robbed a day before the Kings Come=Balthazar, Helliborus, Faith)

A few days into the New Year 2012, I arrived at work earlier than normal, delighted at my good luck to find a parking space in the blue zone in Basel (which means I may stay parked the whole day)….cool….. right outside across the street in view of the window of our shop.  Diligently preparing the parmaschincken (prosciutto), salami, bresaola and cheese slices for the Italian  panini sandwiches, I silently thanked God for assisting the meat machine(I had problems in 2011).  At 15:00, I bid our daughter farewell, donned my old leather coat(my day had ended) and returned to my car, ready to visit the shoemaker in Weil am Rhein where I would take my favorite ripped leather coat(the one that waited in the back seat of my car) to be repaired.   How shocked to open my car to discover my coat had disappeared.  I had been robbed.  At the police station, the patient and understanding police officer explained that criminals today have sophisticated apparatus that records the lock click feature of modern car keys…I filed the theft report and dropped the report by my insurance company.  Maybe I will receive a refund(if I can find the receipt…I purchased that coat in Turkey about five years agoo….quite unlikely a find).  Irregardless,  money can not replace the sentimental value of the coat, even with the rip….Somehow, I overcame the frustration of the theft and sent blessings to the character who is now the owner of my coat…..Blessings to him/her..
“May you be as warmed by this coat as I have been”…Then I reflected on the Christ Rose..helliborus niger…..the flower that blossoms on my windowsill in the midst of icy embraces….The flower that beckons thoughts of the Christ Child….I think of the -Three Kings-especially Caspar..(maybe I am a descendant)…and I remember the story of the young girl, Madleon,  who wanted to bring a gift to the Christ Child.  Seeing the frankincense, gold and myrrh, she wandered into the forest seeking a flower, yet none was to be found…An angel appeared…
In vain she searched the countryside for a flower that she might bring, but the winter had been cold and harsh – and
there were no Christmas flowers to be found. Saddened, the girl began to weep. An angel passing over her stopped to provide comfort and smote the ground that was wet from her tears. There did spring a beautiful bush that bloomed of white roses.
“Nor myrrh, nor frankincense, nor gold,” said the angel, “is offering more meat for the Christ Child than these pure Christmas Roses.” And thus young Madelon went her way and worshipped the Prince of Peace, bearing the gift of her heart and tears.
The Legend of the Christmas Rose also has some foundation in this 15th Century poem:
A Rose has sprung from a tender root, From Jesus, as those of old have sung, And it bore a flower, In the middle of a cold winter,
When half spent was the night. Isaiah foretold it, the Rose I have in mind; Is Mary the pure, the little flower has brought us. From God’s eternal wisdom, she bore a child, And remained pure.
The Flower, so small, whose sweet fragrance fills the air, Dispels with glorious splendor the darkness everywhere; True man and truer God, helps us out of all sorrows, Saves from sin and death.
Oh Jesus, until we leave this misery, Let your help guide us into joy, In Your Father’s Kingdom, where we eternally praise You. Oh God, allow us this.
 Translated from the early 15th century German poem “Es ist ein Ros’ Entsprungen.” Author unknown.

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A child of God, opinionated, survivor, eloquent, elegant, exquisite bohemian, and humble, loving life and shining light to those who are in the shadow.
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