Take Me To The Water…..I Want To Be Baptised!

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At the heel of the boot of Apulia, in a city named Manduria(once named Casalnuova), gems await the history buff, archaeological expert or one seeking spiritual solace.

Monte Pliniano boasts a well with an endless supply of water and a flourishing almond tree growing in its center.  Pliny the Elder, a Roman author, wrote of this almond tree phenomena in his Natural History Book approximately 300 centuries A.D. Upon descension into the confines of the well, I felt a sort of surrealism as images of biblical times emerged in my memory.  Legend has it that the water attracted multitudes of people.   Those afflicted with illness attest to the healing properties of the water.  Granted permission, I descended the steps and doused in the holy water.

The gem that invoked an outpouring of tears is cradled in the confines of Chiesa San Pietro Mandurino, a sanctuary from way back in the day.  Prophet Isaiah….his eyes penetrating, piercing, demanding…beckoning the people of God to repent for salvation.

Has anyone else experienced such a spiritual journey?


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7 Responses to Take Me To The Water…..I Want To Be Baptised!

  1. whenquiet says:

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  2. whenquiet says:

    So cool that PhotoBoots.com, Mia S., Lesley Carter, and Dave Parent appreciate this entry. Merci beaucoup y’all!:-)

  3. whenquiet says:

    Thanks Mac! And thanks for the link to your friend who captured spectacular pics of Matera. I need to check out this place.

  4. Sebastian says:

    Wonderful entry! It seems as though a sense of peace came over me as I read and looked at the pictures.

  5. whenquiet says:

    Thank you Sebastan! “I think I’m gonna keep on see what the end’s gonna be`”. 🙂

  6. whenquiet says:

    Peace, be still, indeed! Thank you Sebastian!

  7. Sebastian says:

    You’re welcome! I bless God for your heart!

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