Cool When Hot!!!

Giussy's CatCool for me? Being warmly welcomed at Isabella Cataldo Scuola de Ballo Dance School in Sava, Italy, participating in a Zumba class with a 17 year old “hammer” instructor, Damiano, then being allowed to choregraph two pieces for a group of young dancers, then invited to perform at the school’s dance concert!  A BLAST!! Not bad for a 58 year old cancer survivor!  Put a big smile on all of our faces!!  2)  Learning the Pizzica in Fragagnano and inflecting my interpretation that included rolling/dancing on the floor..Another BLAST!:-) 3. Together with hubby, envisioning the transformation of an abandoned and deteriorating farmer’s stone sun relief abode cradled by olive trees, painstakingly and passionately actualising the project(took us three years)) and now, God has accepted and blessed our remix:  We remain true to the intrinsic rhythm of the countryside by the usage of tuffo stone for our home construction, an Albanian constructed barrier stone wall using stones from the countryside, the production of our own extra virgin olive oil(the olives fall into properly placed netting), and we frequent local farmer’s markets.   What a piece of paradise( We are blessed!) 4)  Observing the artistry of a genuinely talented Giusseppina Foggetti of ArteLù Di Giusy Foggetti of Manduria.  Giussy has stepped into the world of authentic frame making and lifted it to another level.  Original and breathtaking artistry.  Giussy’s tour guide talents emerged when she revealed her historical knowledge of Manduria, then exposed us to some of the gems of Mandurian culture, including the visit to “Fonte Pliniano” di Manduria, (the Fountain of Pliny, the Elder), from which an almond tree flourishes from an endless well.  After I descended into the cave,  I stepped into the waters(Legend has it that pilgrims voyaged many miles to submerge into the healing waters).  I recalled a similar spiritual feeling of being baptised in the waters during my first baptism in my southern baptist church of Lenoir, North Carolina. 100% positive that this water experience, among other experiences,  assisted me with my victory against bone marrow cancer.  5)  Sant Maria di Bagnolo, the XVIII century Abbey of Uggiano Montefusco, a deterioating, yet exquisite place of respite, a place where i frequent regularly to pray.  This abbey was dedicated to an angel named Grace.  She is still vividly  present.   6)  Giusseppe, a country farmer,  who works from sun up to sun down and gifts us with freshly picked pommodori, zucchini, zucchini flowers, figs, lemons, red and white onions.  A true reflection of one of God’s angels at work.  7)  La Locanda di Antonvito, Manduria – Restaurant …Exquisite Puglian cuisine, the plates never stop coming, the fava dish is scrumptious.  8) Getting past my fear of snakes-I’ve seen a few -Coluber viridiflavus-black snake-our veterinarian friend swears it is non-venomous.  Okay, I don’t really smile, but I don’t run anymore:-)  9)Decaf cappucino, cherries, watermelon, panzerotti and patient doctors when I have suffered sunstroke and dehydration.  * 10)  Serendipity, chance meeting another American singer, Fawn Tolson, in Grottaglio, at an archery lesson.  How cool is that?IMG_4062 Cool when HotIMG_4030FullSizeRender 5Jumping over my fear of snakes..well, yeah, jumping! IMG_3995IMG_4034Raphael, our archery instructor. IMG_3785Giussy, in her shop in Manduria, and in her kitchen, serving up authentic Puglian cuisine.

About whenquiet

A child of God, opinionated, survivor, eloquent, elegant, exquisite bohemian, and humble, loving life and shining light to those who are in the shadow.
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