DA France 2019 National Elections – Meet the Candidates posted by Robin Guinot | DAF COMMUNCATIONS COORDINATOR April 10, 2019

Anna Dell’Era, F

I am a concerned American citizen and Democrats Abroad France Strasbourg member.  I have resided in France since 1992.  An active Democrats Abroad member during the Obama campaign in 2008, I painstakingly phonebanked in an Dems Abroad- Swiss branch apartment in Basel, Switzerland, made frequent trips to Strasbourg, France and was a proud and humble invitee to President Obama’s Town Hall meeting in Strasbourg in April, 2009. During President Obama’s second campaign, I battled a life threatening illness and was unable to actively participate in campaigning efforts. However, I made sure to execute my absentee voting procedure.  I made sure that my vote got counted!!   

According to a State Department report of 2016, 3-6 million Americans reside abroad.  We need those votes.

Americans abroad need to be aware of existing portals that can contribute to living a productive, aware, and meaningful life here while maintaining our political integrity.    Different challenges occur that require networking. As an American with a track record of different experiences and challenges, I can offer compassionate advice concerning the political infrastructure of France, Germany and Switzerland…..challlenges concerning housing, insurance, or employment. I also have an avid interest in the Diversity section of Dems Abroad and in helping to establish a Chapter precinct in neighbouring Haut-Rhin section of France, for Americans who reside near the Swiss border. 

As a National Voting Representative, I will bring my experiences and challenges to the table, tirelessly work to support the initiatives of Democrats Abroad Political Committee, work closely with the designated party sub-groups to assure that DA fulfills its goals and responsibilities, reflect a progressive stance, demonstrate professionalism, diplomacy and provoke mutual respect.



All members of Democrats Abroad France are eligible to vote in this election. To join DAF, you must be a US citizen aged 18 or older by November 3, 2020, with an address in France, not be a member of any other Democrats Abroad Country Committee, and subscribe to the principles of the Democratic Party of the United States of America and of Democrats Abroad. To join Democrats Abroad, click here.


ELECTIONS WILL BE HELD Saturday, May 11, 2019 at the American Church in Paris from 2:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M.  Come meet and hear from the nominees prior to the final vote! To RSVP and for more details, please click here


Early voting by online ballot will also be made available to DAF members via email. If you should exercise the early vote option, you may still attend the in-person meeting on May 11, but shall not be allowed to vote a second time, nor to change your vote. As noted in previous announcements, because early voting will be underway, no nominations from the floor can be accepted.

You will soon receive via email your Absentee/Early Voting Ballot with voting instructions and deadlines.

Questions? Please contact the DA France Elections Board at electionsboarddaf@gmail.com.

Thank you!

DA France Elections Board
Patrick Ganne
Alex Blumrosen
Karen Wildau

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