About when quiet


An avid writer, singer, nature lover, my wish is to exchange thoughts with interesting folk about interesting topics….and to spread positive vibes in spite of challenging times. I like to bake, walk in the forest, sing, and knit scarves…

12 Responses to About when quiet

  1. whenquiet says:

    When the leaves of burnished copper
    instill within you the need to be still
    If the freshly plucked pumpkin
    draws a smile, promises a soup, and gives you a thrill
    When the chill of the wind beckons you
    inside to snuggle with a hot chocolate and a book
    Then you know it’s time to celebrate and cherish October
    the month at September’s foot.

  2. LanaRenee says:

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog post! I do hope Sojo found a home and lived a happy life! I would love to come to Switzerland for a wedding.. have any engaged friends? haha.

  3. whenquiet says:

    long time, I know..but having a few challenges….I often think of Sojo and hope that he is safe…As for engaged friends….no, but a few single bachelors:-)

  4. drchoneydew says:

    love your writing style…..LIFE! :0) not sure how to “follow” no button to be found!

  5. whenquiet says:

    Hi drchoneydew!! thanks for the compliment…I am truly enjoying this writing journey….As far as wordpress functions, I am continuing to learn with wordpress navigating…sometimes challenging ‘cos so much to read….concerning to “follow option”….If you enjoy a blogger, you must search the word follow, or “subscribe”, then click… then you are a follower…I hope I have explained correctly…

  6. Words We Women Write says:

    Hello whenquiet, thx for stopping by at WWWW. Guess we’re fans of Leonard Cohen…there’s a new CD, I hear, with a sweet tune Show Me the Place. Check it out 🙂

  7. whenquiet says:

    WWWW, Thanks for the tip about Leonard Cohen’s new CD. He has stamina like my dance instructor. She is 86, still gives dance classes and performances(jazz singer)..google her..Othella Dallas. Question?(Where is the smiley face feature via wordpress?) Can’t figure that one out.

  8. Thank you for leaving such nice comments over at my blog!

  9. Sebastian says:

    Hello…I just wanted to personally thank you for being an inspiration to me and my blogging aspirations! With that said, I wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! You can check out the details on my blog at http://faith1stministries.wordpress.com . CONGRATULATIONS!!

  10. whenquiet says:

    What an honor! Thank you for the nomination..On my way out for you know what….couldn’t find your blog yesterday because of censoring problem from word press but looks again like things are up on wordress…check you later. God bless and thanks again!! I am speechless!

  11. the777man says:

    I love the name whenquiet. I am totally into positive vibes. I just clicked the follow button. Peace and Harmony!

  12. whenquiet says:

    The number 7 can not be divided…Peace and harmony returns to you man!!!Your blog is on it!!:-)

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