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Taschira Dell’Era


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Ramson, pine nuts, lemon, olive oil & S & P

Titillating to stumble upon jewels during daily walk. This ransom(wild garlic) encouraged a smile….best things in life are free!

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90 FINE!! (Happy Birthday Tribute to Extraordinary Octogenarian Dance Teacher OTHELLA DALLAS)

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Two Seconds

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Things that make me go “Aaaahhhhhh!”

Sole Mediterranean Body Gel(pure luxury) Found this product in Italy.  This hair pommade, Uncle Funky’s Daughter is luxury to my afro(rain or shine).The Scriptures and Ritual Cleansing (Paradise)LUSH Sultana of Soap and Fabulous Hammam Body Lotion from Italy………. Salad of lettuce, green … Continue reading

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Ain’t nobody gonna tell you the road you must take

Aint’ nobody else sposed to walk your path

For goodness sake!

Go head on and sip from the goblet of life

And be fooled if you think the wine is always sweet

We gotta fall and get up

Because we are strongest when we are weak!

My gut tells me that chemo ain’t my way

And it ain’t about being in denial

I love my life and want all of my days.

If my cat can eat grass

to cleanse inside

Then intuitively I know that herbs and God’s other gifts

have always been friends of mine.

I ain’t working for a minute

And I don’t need no alibi

This healing journey is an

“in the moment” ride.

Butterflies flutter, birds sing, dragonflies whisper

As I smile….with my wings.

June 17, 2012






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Look At What You Don’t See (Reflections at Construction Symposium at Convention Center in Basel, Switzerland Jan. 2012))

First presentation that caught my eye.Second presentation that caught my eye.Red door(feng shui) brings energy into your home..Third “in the moment” moment I captured.This moment cooled my menopausal flash!Menopausal moment…red fan in tow…Fabulous artwork!! This is a nice sink!

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